Mission & Philosophy

Yangon International School is a Pre-K-12 college preparatory school. The school seeks to foster the development of the whole child who is a participating global citizen and lifelong learner: one who is academically well prepared, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, and personally fulfilled.

To achieve this, the faculty believes in treating each child as an individual, who develops at his/her own rate. The faculty maintains a close, caring, and nurturing relationship with the students.

The goal of Yangon International School is to provide an educational environment through staff, program and setting in which students can continue to grow in academic competence, personal fulfillment, self-discipline, social and environmental responsibility and appreciation of their own and others’ artistic and cultural heritage.

It is our belief that the excellence of the teaching and administrative staff, and the personnel and logistical support of ILBC are the necessary resources for the provision of a quality education that will enable students to transfer to other international schools and/or matriculate at their appropriate academic levels.

Yangon International School considers the development of skill in reading, writing, and mathematics as the foundations of the curriculum. Children’s growth in these skills is central to the mastery of the specific content area within the language arts, social studies, and sciences. The ability to meaningfully use technology is a part of the curriculum and the unique talent and potential of each student is given further opportunity for expression in the fine arts, physical education and extracurricular activities offered at the school.

Yangon International School is based on an American curriculum and primarily utilizes materials from the United States. In addition, the school offers a program in local Myanmar culture and language and encourages members of the community to share national customs and traditions from around the world. High School students have a wide choice of AP or advanced level courses.

The ongoing growth and development of each child in academic skills, in responsible self-expression, and as a global citizen are the heart of the purpose of the Yangon International School. It is the school’s goal to provide an education to enable students to attend international colleges and universities. We believe that the accomplishment of these skills and goals enables us to provide the kind of education that satisfies the students, their families, and the companies who use our school.