4th Grade Curriculum

Language Arts:

Grade four uses various resources for reading, writing, listening, and speaking development.  During the reading the emphasis is on improving reading comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction.  Students learn to use the Six Traits within the writing process to become confident, fluent writers.  Writing projects in fourth grade focus on descriptive paragraphs and creative stories, as well as informative and persuasive pieces.  Reading and writing are important parts of all subjects. Handwriting is also reviewed and perfected at this level, using the D’Nealian handwriting series.  Weekly class lessons and group discussions will reinforce proper listening and speaking skills.


Grade four continues through the Everyday Mathematics series, which focuses on six program goals.  

  • In the number and numeration strand, students will write decimals to the thousandths and numbers into the millions, as well as review the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents.  
  • In the operations and computation strand, students will learn, review and use various algorithms to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  
  • In the data and chance strand, they will create graphs and tables to represent data, and compute landmarks in the data, including mean, median, mode, range, maximum and minimum.  
  • In the measurement and reference strand, students will measure length, area, volume, weight, temperature and time, using several different systems of measurement.  
  • In the geometry strand, students will review the basic principles of polygons, and learn about three-dimensional objects.  
  • In patterns, functions and algebra, students will use letters to represent the unknown, and use different techniques to solve for the unknown.


The science program uses Science Companion along with supplemental materials to complete the units based on Next Generation Science Standards: These include:

  • The Changing Earth
  • Waves and Electricity
  • Structures of Life and Living Systems
  • An engineering project where students create circuits

Social Studies:

Grade four focuses on the foundations of Geography.  The first unit is dedicated to Physical Geography, reviewing using, reading and creating maps.  During the second unit, geography is linked to navigation, and how humans have changed and adapted to their environment.  The social studies units of the second semester emphasis human geography.  Students take a careful look at the way people work and organize themselves.  A large part of these units involve students participating in a simulation game in which they put into practice the concepts and skills learned in classes.