5th Grade Curriculum

Language Arts:

The fifth grade language arts program focuses on reading strategies, such as:

  • Evaluation
  • Summarizing
  • Predicting
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening and speaking skills

The program provides students with balanced instruction and activities to suit the individual needs of children. The program promotes effective oral and written communication, with daily formal and informal writing opportunities. The program focuses on reading and writing fiction and non-fiction text.


The Everyday Mathematics program emphasizes the following:

  • A realistic approach to problem solving in everyday situations
  • Frequent practice of basic skills
  • An instructional approach that revisits topics regularly ensuring long-term retention of learning
  • A wide variety of content including geometry, measurement, algebra, chance and data, numeration, operations and computations.


Science in fifth grade is aligned with the NGSS and uses a program call Science Companions. This program places special emphasis on the research process with teachers and students doing hands-on activities together. Children learn skills such as:

  • Formulating questions
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Designing experiements
  • Making observations
  • Problem solving

Students explore their world through research in small groups, whole class activities and individually. Students will study different units based around physical science, earth science, and life science.

Social Studies:

Students study the following areas:

  • Geography- What are the main physical features of Asia and the Pacific?
  • History- How have ancient civilizations of Asia and the Pacific influenced the world today?
  • Culture- What are the main characteristics of the cultures of Asia and the Pacific?
  • Government- What types of government exist in Asia and the Pacific today?
  • Economics- How do the people of this region make a living?

During the year we will focus on:

  • Five themes of geographies: location, regions, places, movement, and human environment interaction
  • Southeast Asia: Physical Geography
  • Southeast Asia: Culture and History
  • Country Study: Vietnam- A Nation Rebuilds
  • Country Study: China- Transforming Itself
  • Country Study: Australia- A Pacific Rim Country