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The Secondary program at YIS combines grades 6-12 into a well-rounded learning environment. The core curiculum throughout the grades (math, science, English, social studies) is supported by coursework in fine arts (music, art, drama), global language (Spanish), computer science and technology, and Myanmar studies. English as an Aditional Lanugage (EAL) support is also availble to students as needed. Students immere themeselves in both the Myanmar culture and South East Asian culture through coursework, field trips, service learning opportunities, and the Week Without Walls program. (link)

We strongly encourage families to select academic courses and an overall program that is the best fit for each individual student. This learning platform will develop the student’s passions, interests, and stengths; it will match the indvidual student’s learning style; will challenge the student to grow and develop into an active global citizen; will prepare the student to follow their preffered course of study in the future. 

Students in High School have the option of taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Extensive college preparatory support is provided for all students by our Secondary guidance counselor.