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We are accepting applications for the current academic school year. 

Whether your family currently lives in Yangon or will relocate to Myanmar, the choice of a school for your children is one of the most critical decision you will make. At Yangon International School (YIS) you will find:

  • highly skilled and caring, certified educators

  • motivated and curious students

  • a community of students, faculty, staff, and parents that are passionate about the school’s mission.

For families moving to Myanmar for the first time, we understand that the challenge of addressing your child’s educational needs is a daunting task. For families currently residing in Yangon, we understand the demands of moving your child to a new school. 

Our Admissions office is committed to assisting families with these transitions. We are available to answer any and all questions you might have in order to make the process as seamless as possible for you and your family.

Prospective students and parents...

should be familiar with the school’s program, facilities, and student expectations:

  • YIS has an academically rigorous, American, standards-based, academic program.
  • All instruction is in English and a grade appropriate level of proficiency is necessary.  
  • The Secondary program at YIS is a college preparatory program.
  • The school promotes social activities, the appreciation of the Myanmar culture, and the personal fulfillment of each student. 

To ensure student success at YIS, admissions processes are selective; assessments and interviews are used with applicants to determine their ability and potential with our school and student body.

Contact Admission

We welcome prospective students and parents to visit our campuses and view the facilities and resources available to our students.

Admissions staff and school faculty are available on both the Main and 123 Campuses to conduct tours and answer your questions. 

If our Admission staff can assist you in any way, please contact us. 

Ms. Courtney Konyn

Admission Coordinator

(95-1) 578171 Ext 131

Khin Sandi Min Thant

Admission Officer

(95-1) 578171 Ext 131

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