May 5, 2017

Ambitious Service Project Nears Completion

Four years ago the YIS community outreach club Building Blocks was founded. Since that time the student group has grown dramatically and has undertaken a variety of service projects from providing books and supplies to needy youngsters to the more substantive task of making long-term improvements in the community. The latest multi-year Building Blocks project to replace the unsanitary and dilapidated student lavatory facilities at our neighboring government school Aa.La.Ka.9: Thingangyun is nearing its goal. Fund-raising for a new elevated brick four stalled lavatory has reached the $3,500 mark of our anticipated expenses of $4,500.

We have torn down the unsafe and unhygienic previous student lavatory and have begun construction of a new one. The drain field has been laid out/ an elevated concrete foundation slab has been poured/ and the brick walls are almost completed. The near quagmire surrounding the previous toilets might still become problematic during the rainy season and so we have also undertaken to provide a new drainage system for that area and an elevated sidewalk.

Building Blocks Club President Chloe Aung has certainly been the driving force behind this project from its inception, but she has had tremendous support from others such as: May Pyae Zaw, Victor Yang, L Naw La Seng, Benjamin Tun and the many club members who have helped in the various fund-raisers. Very significantly, the eighth graders at YIS through a community outreach unit have visited the site, engaged with the students, and undertaken myriad fund-raisers that have mightily contributed to our overall goal. Also, PAC has given our club a grant that has been put towards this project and has also always been supportive of our more formal fund-raisers such as Coffee House nights.

Congratulations to all who have been a part of the project and created an living example of the school’s mission to promote student service. If you would like to make a donation or get involved with the project please contact us at on Building Blocks Facebook page.


May 5, 2017