October 5, 2016

Ms. Wendy presents in Bangkok

Secondary Guidance counselor, Ms. Wendy Krakauer, recently attended the second annual CIS-EARCOS Institute on Higher Education Admission and Guidance conference in Bangkok, where she also presented a workshop.

The conference included 170 high school counselors from Southeast Asia and representatives from about 150 universities from the United States, Canada, the UK, Scotland, and Europe.

Ms. Wendy’s workshop focused on leading students through career research and choosing a potential college major.

In her work with 12th grade students, Ms. Wendy helps them understand the college and university application process as well as look for universities where they will be personally happy and successful. The CIS-EARCOS conference is an important network for her to share information about the success of YIS students directly with colleges and universities, before students apply. She also shared with university admission representatives the mission of YIS and what makes YIS students unique, including their understanding of Myanmar culture and commitment to developing the country.

In addition to presenting a workshop, Ms. Wendy attended workshops about the use of TOEFL in admissions, the new SAT, student stress and anxiety, the University of California and State University of New York higher education systems, “Best Fit” in college admissions, transitions for international students, and evaluating guidance programs.

October 5, 2016