November 2, 2016

Strong Partnership With Parents

Some schools actually have such sentiments in their mission statements, while all self-respecting international schools realize that optimal growth for our students depends on this partnership. Here at YIS, we exercise and celebrate coming together in partnership for students on November 3-4–our annual Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Letters of invitation will be sent to the parents in both Elementary and Secondary schools. In the Secondary program we look forward to our “arena” Parent Teacher Conferences on November 3–where from 08:00 all Secondary teachers will be available in the cafeteria for walk-in conferences.  On Friday, November 4, Secondary teachers will be in their rooms for drop-in meetings during the hours of 08:00 to 11:30.
Whether we refer to them as our students, or our children, it’s the same for both parents and teachers here at YIS–it’s why we’re here!


J. Johanson
Secondary Principal

November 2, 2016