March 8, 2017

YIS Teacher Awarded Research Grant

Daniel Moore, 2nd grade teacher and class

Every year EARCOS provides teachers around the globe with many opportunities to grow.  This year, Daniel Moore, a 2nd grade teacher, took advantage of one of these opportunities and was accepted to receive a grant for Action Research.

Action research is process in which teachers look reflectively at their teaching process in order to improve student acheivment (“Action Research”, Eileen Ferrance,” 2000).

Daniel will be conducting research in his class starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  He will be connecting math lessons the real world and apply it to the lives of his 2nd graders.  He wants to know if doing this will make the lessons appear more valuable and important to his students.  

Additionally he intends to have students discuss the importance of the lessons and use appropriate academic vocabulary to see how that changes their ability to articulate the importance of the lessons they are learning.

He will complete his action research by the end of the school year.  In the end he will have the chance to publish his findings and potentially share his research at an EARCOS conference the following year.  Daniel remarked, “It will be a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally.  I have to thank my colleagues and the amazing students at this school, who make all of this possible.”

March 8, 2017