All students in Elementary School at YIS go to weekly Specials. These include the following:


The YIS Library houses over 8,000 titles available to YIS students, families, and staff. The library offers an extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, eBooks, DVDs, and more. Students, families and staff can also access on-line resources that are appropriate for elementary age students on this website.

The Yangon International School Libraries exists to provide both the atmosphere and a diversity of high quality materials that will foster in each child a lifelong love of learning. The library curriculum promotes inquiry through information literacy instruction that enhances and reinforces classroom content. In order to accomplish this, the librarian will:

  • Encourage and foster a love of reading
  • Continue to update and expand print, non-print, on-line resources, and technology
  • Introduce and integrate emerging technological advancements into the curriculum
  • Teach 21st Century Literacy Skills using  a developmentally appropriate inquiry-based model
  • Collaborate with staff members to design a library curriculum and purchase resources that support the learning of native English speakers and ELL students
  • Maintain a welcoming and productive atmosphere in the Library

Students and parents may visit the library before and after school.

  • Depending upon the grade level, students may borrow up to five books at a time for two weeks:
    • Preschool through 1st grade: 1 book
    • 2nd through 5th grade: 5 books
    • Secondary school: 5 books


English language servies are designed to provide instruction using various research-based ELL methods. The ELL curriculum develops the skill and understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in English through the study of English phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and pronounciation to enable the students to communicate effectively and to be successful in content area instruction and school environment.

Character Education

At the 123 Campus for grades Preschool-PreK, the character education curriculum is designed around the following topics: Emotions, Friendship, Sharing, Respect and Problem Solving. The curriculum focuses on giving students the tools they need to form healthy and functional relationships at school and home.

At the 123 Campus for grades KG-1, the character education curriculum is designed to give students a general overview and understanding of the following character traits: Responsibility, Antibullying, Citizenship, Respect, Trustworthiness, Caring and Fairness. Students learn how to apply these traits to their home and school life.

For a descriptions of Music, Information Technology, Art , Myanmar Studies & Physical Education programs please click on the applicable Grade Level curriculum link.